contractors and public green areas

Plants for contractors and public green areas

For many years we have been dealing with the supply of plants for public parks.
We collaborate with contractors throughout Europe and the world and we put our plants at the service of projects that contribute to making the cities landscape greener.

We dialogue every day with expert contractors, with great knowledge of plants like us and together we face the challenges that from time to time it is normal to encounter in the realization of ambitious works.

The Innocenti and Mangoni plant catalog includes all the best of ornamental nurseries, from small plants to large trees. A vast assortment of species and varieties to satisfy any request and create public and private places, where nature and greenery are the real protagonists.

  • trees
  • shrubs
  • conifers
  • perennials
  • ferns
  • fruit trees
  • grasses
  • climbing plants
  • topiary
  • citrus fruits

what plant are you looking for?

  •  Trees
  •  Shrubs
  •  Conifers
  •  Perennials
  •  Ferns
  •  Fruit trees
  •  Grasses
  •  Palmaceous
  •  Climbing plants
    •  Roses
    •  Succulent
    •  Topiary

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